Guiding principles: useful, informative, responsive

Every day I make dozens of small decisions about what I think constitutes excellent nonprofit journalism. We all do. Editors, writers, readers, all of us. We decide what work we value with our time. What we ignore.

In that decision-making, we prioritize some principles over others. I prioritize journalism that is: useful, informative, and responsive. Luckily, this work can also create new fundraising opportunities.

Tech and journalism, together

If I were in charge... journalism and technology would not just become better connected, but the newsroom culture would take on best practices that have worked well for software development. At this year's Online News Association conference, a pre-conference session discussed how to relate agile software development best practices to the newsroom and a conference session reiterated the value of #fail

I presented about how once newsrooms embrace the culture of #fail and remove barriers to it, there are a lot of tactics and tools from the tech industry that can help journalists:

  • fail fast
  • fail often
  • fail smart