Hacks/Hackers comes to Philly

Philly H/H logoThis Tuesday, journalists and technologists will gather at the first Hacks/Hackers Philly meetup. And, wow, as of right now 34 people are RSVPed. That's incredible! It speaks to the need for a group to help connect the vibrant technology and journalism communities doing amazing work in Philadelphia, but largely working separately.

For the first meetup, we plan to have time for people to get to know one another, learn about Hacks/Hackers, and discuss how the group would like to see the chapter take shape. Do we want to build apps? Skillshare? Project night? There are some great existing projects like OpenDataPhilly that could serve as a starting point for collaboration. 

My experience at the Hacks/Hackers hackathon before the Online News Association conference really served as a proof of concept for the amazing work this organization can do. Within just a few hours, teams of techies and journos built real tools (or made significant progress on them).

The first meetup is Tuesday, October 18 from 6-8 p.m. on the 16th floor of the Municipal Services Building at 1417 JFK Blvd.

For more info, join our Meetup page, follow us on Twitter, or follow #hhphl.