The technology is people!

This month's Carnival of Journalism asks what emerging technology will have a major impact on journalism next? Within the setup for this prompt is the answer: People. Changes in leadership and culture is the emerging technology that will allow those amazing new tools and opportunities to be fully utilized.

Host Steve "In" Outing says it himself: 

"Who’s to blame? The answer is clear to me: Journalists and those who manage news organizations. Our industry and profession didn’t act quickly or aggressively enough to adapt to the way that new technologies would change journalism."

The conversation about technology and innovation cannot move forward until the "technology" that allows leadership to adapt is identified, explained, and disseminated across newsrooms. Digital First is certainly one pathway, but many newsrooms need help even getting to the point of having the Digital First conversation. 

Sorry to say, but I do not have any answers on how this happens. Much has been written about the fact that culture needs to change and how great it can be when it does change, but I've seen far less about how you actually make it happen. Look forward to thoughts and suggestions.


I totally agree with you here. I think this is the key to solving any challenge. People are at the root of any system, and without a shift in people's thinking about themselves and life, it doesn't matter what new spangly toys appear. Granted, the changes that are emerging are in themselves coming from people's new thinking. However, people in the media field still relate to their work and the people who consume it in an outdated way. They need to realize and quickly that the world has changed, people want better and higher quality, they want writing that educates and empowers them and these tools must be used to reflect that. No point having new tools and old mindsets! 

Yes! This encapsulates it so well: "No point having new tools and old mindsets!"

I know some people are figuring this stuff out. Just hope the rest of us can learn from them.

Also, I love your website. It's so vibrant. And your latest post is questioning the rhetoric of "hard work"? Awesome.