Better late than never. My first website. And it's a Drupal 7 site. Fitting.

So, iterative development! I will launch this and break things and try harder and keep improving it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Design is not my strongest skill, but I'm learning. I was anti-Twitter for a long time and now I'm semi-obsessed. It's just so freakin fun. The same will be said for maintaining a personal Drupal site. I'm sure of it.

Also, I wanted to get familiar with this spiffy new version of Drupal. We're going to need to upgrade the Notebook site because CiviCRM will cease support for a Drupal 6 version relatively soon in March.

The interface for Drupal 7 is much more user friendly and intuitive, so I'd say it was worth the wait. Hopefully the same will be true for this site and my first proper blog. Per-zine coming soon also. (no joke, it's gonna happen)