Open source and OpenNews in NYC

OpenNews open source science fair

Open source development can often involve much solo toiling, but next week in New York there will be two in-person opportunities to learn about awesome open source projects.

  • Open Source Science Fair 2.0: The New York Times is hosting a science fair of dozens of open source projects looking for contributors. The event will include lightning talks and presentations from Dan Sinker, Hilary Mason, and Haleigh Sheehan. The two NYC-based Knight-Mozilla Fellows, Brian Abelson and Mike Tigas, will also be exhibiting projects during the fair. It's a great chance to visit a news organization and learn more about open source contributions as well as the intersection between open source and journalism.
    Stop by on Thursday, July 25 from 6:15-10:30pm at The New York Times BuildingĀ  (242 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036)

  • Knight-Mozilla Fellowship info session: There's a month left to apply to become a 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellow. This is a chance to ask questions about the Fellowship in person and learn more about the open source work created by Fellows and the rest of the journalism tech community. Come say hi and share a drink with the OpenNews crew.
    Stop by on Friday, July 26 from 5-7pm at Building on Bond (112 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11217)

It has been a really exciting week in the Fellowship search process, where we've heard from some of the best news developers in the business about why they do what they do. Their posts are inspiring and hilarious, and they make a compelling case for why if you love to code and you want to see the immediate impact of your work, you should join them in the newsroom. If these stories have you intrigued and they've raised some questions for you, please stop by next Friday. If you can't make it then, email me and let's set up a call or grab coffee.

Journalists can be a quirky, brilliant bunch. If that sounds like your kind of people, come learn about open source development and the newsroom.