CiviCRM for nonprofits

I gave a presentation at Drupaldelphia 2011 on CiviCRM and an overview of lessons learned from our development process.

In lieu of a PowerPoint, I put together a list of some key resources from when I was researching CRM planning in general and CiviCRM specifically.

Dean Graham presentation: Spreadsheets to CRM This is an incredible overview of the CRM implementation process. He estimates that the process takes 4 months to 2 years, and that is totally accurate.
Idealware guide to low-cost donor management A great resource to learn more about the options out there. Page 24 has a great comparison chart
NTEN webinar comparing Salesforce for nonprofits and CiviCRM After doing this preliminary research, I narrowed down our top choices to CiviCRM and Salesforce, and this webinar clearly lays out the pros and cons of both, from Feb. 2010.
Overview of CiviCRM slideshare from Father Shawn Good general introduction to CiviCRM

Example RFP, the Notebook Here's our CiviCRM specific RFP. Ignore the timeline, it was extremely unrealistic!
Quick references for CiviCRM:

I'm always happy to talk more about the CRM transition process or any CiviCRM specific projects or ideas, just let me know.